by Homestretch

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Recorded at Brian Ray's House in Spring of 2008.
Mastered by Nick & Rob at New Alliance East.
Artwork by Javier Betancourt (www.ochoplacas.com)
Layout designed by Peter & George, arranged by Chris Donaldson (www.druggedconscience.com)
Printed by David Miller at Damage Ink (www.damageink.net)


released April 9, 2010

All music by Homestretch.



all rights reserved


Homestretch Florida

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Track Name: Canto I: Daybreak
Another morning wrapped in fear. Eyes snap awake to mark the beginning of a familiar end. They always said you had a spark. “Gifts and bounties”. “…Unsurpassed.” Turning every moment into a stroll upon a primrose path. But they never mentioned the icicles surrounding you, licking their chops for a taste. This heart has never pulsed. These eyes have never seen. This mind was ruled condemned. These hands are all that’s left. Tie it up. Throw it out. Stench is punching through your lungs. Move on to the next. Leave this here for dead. Internalize the agony. Pour the foul swill through your bowels. Sever every tie. Clench your iron fists. Salvation is a bad investment. Redemption has an interest rate. Tighten bolts. Sharpen blades. Polish boots. Seal fates. So take pride in your masterpiece, looming over you forever, staring you straight in the face. Poised and ready, once again, for tomorrow morning’s flagellation. Poised and ready once again for the slings an arrows of a brand new day. Start fresh, enslaved.
Track Name: Home of the Brave
Where’ve you been? Where’ve you gone? What the fuck was going through your head when you signed your life away to the powers that be? Humankind is not a resource. Men of honor know the truth. Wars do not make one great. If I could see you now, I’d have so much I’d want to ask. What happened to your plans? Who are you fighting for? You’re not a revolutionary; an oppressor in disguise. The future never looked this bright. If you could see the sorrow swept across your mother’s face, you would understand her plight. You would understand her pain. She has a son to lose, and nothing else to gain. Children sent into the jaws of death. Sons and daughters sacrificed. In the name of blood and greed, getting conned out of basic human rights. In the name of blood and greed, getting fucked out of human rights. In the name of blood and greed. In the name of greed.
Track Name: Bhairava
Every prayer will go unanswered. Every praise remains unsung. We’re climbing up the tallest ladder and falling from the highest rung. Indelible mistakes are made. This bitter race is run. But every coffin has its nail to seal off everything we’ve done. I wish we’d had the foresight to curb this human nature. I wish we’d had the clarity of mind to recognize that every creation is destruction in a clever guise. Every birth is a demise. Open your eyes. Clawing at the surface to learn what lies beneath. Ripping at the fabric, I’m taking back my mind, taking back my life. Ripping at the fabric, I’m taking back my mind.
Track Name: Take it With You
Chained to the earth with shackles made of gold. Mortal coils twisting up and binding you in promises. Sight unseen, your path to hell draws out before your feet, so with crooked gait, meander toward your death within a death. This is my sound beyond sound. You will not drown out my disgust. Always the summers of excess fade into the winters of incontinence. Gluttonous and selfish, stay your course. Avaricious and wealthy, show no fear. You will never answer for your crimes. Put the judgment seat below the trough. Cozy in a diamond cell, you made it for yourself to dwell within. Trade eternal life to enjoy beyond your scope. The prophecy has come to pass. Your ilk devours itself. Desires build upon desires, manufacturing your downfall. Cold calculations have been made. All thought and reason now betrayed. Black marshes melting human flesh. Picked clean until there’s nothing left. The treasures you’ve amassed won’t say goodbye.
Track Name: Separation Anxiety
Each day brings heavy rains of hope, soaking all our souls. A new chance to turn our backs on blood, on the ones we love. I’ve rested on prayers for long enough. In daylight, I’m so close to perfect; I am always right. But when the light goes down, all that’s left is fear. There is no serpent hissing poison in my ear. My only weapon is truth. My only regret is not preparing you. We live in the calm before the storm. I have nothing left. No choice but to circumvent the wasteland that sits in our midst. One day, someday, you’ll thank me for stabbing you in the back. No one’s going down without a fight. I’ll see you in hell again tomorrow. Hell is where the heart is and where the love is not. There is nothing for me here anymore.
Track Name: Azazel
Bloody unbowed head. Steadfast in my steel glance. You will not force me to your terms. An ocean of forgiveness, a river of regret. Lead me to the water and watch me die of thirst. I’ll trade convenience for my destiny, like waking from a dream as if you never slept. Curled up like a serpent at the feet of the prophet. Prodigal son, a blemish on your history. I’ll trade convenience for my destiny, like waking from a dream as if you never left. Nothing but contempt for heaven. Materialistic hallowed ground. Consolation prize for the faithful and the blind. I stand upon my feet to meet you. I will venture to my end to defeat you. I pen my signature in blood. Scapegoat, the enemy of love. The enemy of love.
Track Name: The Old Man and the Sea
The wisest of the wise once said, Son, you’re gonna see this world," But he never told me when. They gave me the lock and key that bound him to his place on earth in this black hole of a town. I picture the unfurling roads and those who blazed the trails before, but even they would say, "Son, don’t throw this chance away." I’m reaching out for anything and coming up with less than nothing. Damn those vile pictures of the times that lay ahead. It’s hard to make the best of your time in hell when every corner turned makes you want to run, to burn yourself alive in hopes of finding any sign of real life. They see in black and white and claim I speak in tongues, while your gray eyes smile and that liquid fills your lungs. I collapsed before them. You left me here in pieces to navigate the waters out of soaking bloodshot eyes. But I remember what you said. "Son, never show your fear. They’ll only want what they’ll never have. And when they give you hell, you just give it right back."
Track Name: Vanitas
The highest bidder gets your soul. The finest figure earns your love. A never-ending cycle of mediocrity. Remaining quiet for too long, I’ve seen the pious rise and fall. Abominations strangling virtuosity. I don’t know where we went wrong, but now it doesn’t matter. Eat your rations of filth off of your silver platter. Forget about the future, the inevitable ending. Staring from the corner, apocalypse is here. Contemplate your failures. Smash your misconceptions. I’ve risen from the ashes, begotten by your fear. Forget about the future, the inevitable ending. Staring from the corner, apocalypse is here. And now the deed is done. This covenant has blotted out the sun. Icy fingers running down my nape. This mortal skin is changing shape.
Track Name: Bloodlust (Ink & Dagger)
Lyrics: Google them!