by Homestretch

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Recorded at Jon Nuñez's House (Casa de Caca) in 2009.
Mastered by Nick and Rob at New Alliance East.
Originally released as a cassette on Drugged Conscience Records (
Cover art designed by David Miller ( & George
Layout by Peter
Band photos by Zac Wolf (


released July 10, 2010

All music by Homestretch
Ryan Haft and Richard Salino supplied us with extra gear/engineering.



all rights reserved


Homestretch Florida

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Track Name: Sleight of Hand
Give a man enough rope and the crows will eat another day. Give a god enough rope and the world will dangle, cold as clay. I spurn the master’s hand. Virtue bears no reward. I live by your book; I’ll die by your sword. Horizons shrinking, moments passing, squandered opportunity. Throttled prospects lying at the feet of what has come to be. A lesson never learned. Foundation overturned. You wonder how it happened, where we went astray. Full-size mirrors staring back on fences walked, on shades of grey. Serenity congealed. The plan left unrevealed. Gouging in, inch by inch, severing the optic nerve. Blinding the forces I was engineered to serve. Taking back my peace of mind, exposing every lie. With trembling hands, I’m carving out the all-seeing eye.
Track Name: Visiting Hours
“Take two with meals,” white coat prescribed, “or you won’t make it out alive.” Symptoms dancing on the screen. I hear the words; what do they mean? No solace in freedom’s empty promise. Tailored to be helpless and unaware. No turning back to retread departure’s path. Clear destination in your endless stare. Left to choke beneath the weight of every breath you’ll never take and the choices you won’t get to make: A nightmare from which you never wake. No one is safe. The light at the end of the tunnel is dimming out. Mind is only free when the body is in the ground.
Track Name: Eye of the Needle
Atlas shrugged, Jesus wept, men disappeared while children slept. Shrouded in the midnight hour, illicit secrets closely kept. Speaking with a forked tongue, lumbering on cloven hoof. Wearing a tattered mask. Convinced, they never ask. Stripped of their humanity, accustomed to insanity. Automated population suckled by calamity. Manipulated to believe the crooked guidance they receive, the teachings of a ministry (corrupted cottage industry). Your diamond in the rough dissolved to sand the day you turned your perfect God into a man. There will be no refuge. There is no reprieve. The ruin of man brought forth by his own hand. You seek forgiveness from the bastard son of smoke and lies. Fall victim to the savagery that purifies. Misanthropic, I bring a plague to thin the herd. Inverted savior, pissing on your gilded word.
Track Name: How the Other Half Dies
Overflowing coffers. Underhanded deeds. Deciduous begetters spreading unrepentant seeds. Living without pride or shame, rejecting fortune and acclaim. Still a leper in your eyes; recall my sores, but not my name. Feeding on your brothers, masticating flesh. Entrails overflowing from the innards you ingest. Gorging on the excrement from outward bowels thrust. The holiest of virtues. In greed we proudly lust. Failed aspirations. Foreclosure of a dream. Submission to temptations. A life left unredeemed. Enslavement to the modern age. Worth determined by your wage. I’ve rusted through, bows and scrapes and splintered knees. I’ve rotted out, caterwauling desperate pleas. Staring up from the bottom. No mercy for the infidel. Face down in avarice, drowning in your wishing well.